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The accounting company Account Consult CO LTD

has more than 20 years of experience with
accounting services, financial and tax consultancy, as well as with
social and health insurance. We strive to provide our customers
with the best service at the best prices!

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Our activity complies with the most recent requirements of the legal accounting framework,
taxes and insurance, as well as with all specific norms regulating the specific type of the client’s activity.
We have many years of experience in accounting services for companies
from different branches of the economy - construction, production, trading,
a wide range of services, both domestically and externally.
Our customers are both companies and individuals.

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Our goal is to provide correct, accurate, professional
and high quality accounting service, social and health insurance,
financial and tax consultancy, legal assistance and administrative
services accompanying the activities of each
functioning company.

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The priorities in the activity of Account Consult CO LTD are aimed
at facilitating the client in making management decisions by providing timely
and accurate information about the financial status of the company and adequate timely consultations
for tax optimization within the limits
allowed by the Law.

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We offer our clients an individual approach to each of them.
After careful review of your business organization, we will offer you
the best way to cooperate with you! The rich experience of our accounting firm helps us to provide
quality professional service that helps build long-term and
loyal business relationships with our clients.